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Mounting of Gideon Optics Guardian LPVO in process

How to Mount the Gideon Optics Guardian LPVO

When you mount your LPVO optic properly, your Guardian will give you better accuracy and precision at all ranges. The Guardian LPVO is one of our newest releases and our first foray into magnified scopes. While you may know how to mount a conventional scope, we’re going to cover the best practices when mounting a modern, illuminated optic on your rifle or carbine.

Variable Magnification for Precision Shooting

Mounting an LPVO optic is popular for short-to-intermediate-range shooting, where you need the ability to zoom in on small targets that are farther away, but you also want the flexibility for rapid target acquisition at close ranges while retaining a clear view of your target’s surroundings. The Guardian’s 1-10X zoom makes it perfect for small-game, varmint hunting, or as a ranch gun. It’s also effective in dynamic tactical situations, making it popular on home-defense guns.

Installing Your LPVO Optic

Guardian LPVO Mount

The Guardian LPVO uses a 34mm main tube. While you can use any compatible set of rings to mount your LPVO optic, inexpensive 34mm rings can be hard to find. Since we weren’t willing to compromise on our scope’s performance, we engineered our own option so you can mount your scope without breaking the bank. The Guardian LPVO Mount is designed to be a perfect fit for our optic and mount easily on any 1913 Picatinny rail. For these instructions, we’re going to assume you’re using our mount, but the process of mounting the LPVO optic with generic rings will work similarly. Grab your blue threadlocker, get your rifle secured in the vise, and let’s get your gun ready for action.

Install Your Guardian LPVO Mount

Start by backing the lug bolts out on your rail mount. You need to create enough play to slide the mount onto the rail, but you also want to create a gap in the female threads of your lug bolts. Place a small amount of blue threadlocker in these gaps, slide your mount onto the rail, and move it to the forward-most position. This maximizes the benefit of your Guardian LPVO mount’s forward offset to ensure you have the comfortable eye relief you need for accurate shooting.

Tighten the lug bolts while pushing the mount toward the muzzle firmly. This will help reduce play once the optic is installed and help prevent shifting due to the force of recoil. Tighten the bolts using a T25 Torx bit or the included tool. If you have a torque wrench, tighten the lug bolts to 20 inch-pounds. Otherwise, tighten the bolts firmly to keep your mount secure.

Place the Guardian LPVO

Remove the top caps from your rings with a T10 Torx bit. Place the Guardian on the mount with the turrets between the rings. Because the main tube is a uniform 34mm, you can mount your LPVO optic with the turrets anywhere between the rings for about an inch of wiggle room to allow for eye relief adjustment. 

To find the proper position, you’ll want to set your stock at your favorite setting (if it’s adjustable), flip up your scope caps, and sight through the scope like you’re going to take a shot. Slide the scope until you have the perfect sight picture, and take note of its position between the rings. Close your scope caps, and reinstall your top caps, tightening the screws on the front cap just enough to keep your scope from sliding around as you continue the installation.

Level Your Reticle

Using a quarter, remove the outer turret cap from your top turret. Underneath, you’ll find a flat top on the inner turret. Place a bubble level on your receiver rail and another on the flat turret top. Loosen your ring caps enough to rotate your LPVO optic and turn the Guardian until its bubble level and the one on your rail match. Because the flat turret top is parallel to your reticle’s horizontal, this will ensure your reticle is leveled horizontally. 

Tighten your top caps while keeping the levels in sync, turning the bolts in a criss-cross pattern while ensuring the gap between the top caps and base of the rings is small and even on both sides of each ring. No more than 10-15 inch-pounds of torque should be used, or turn them until they don’t turn anymore but no tighter, or you risk damaging the scope tube. Reinstall your outer top turret cap, gently aligning the inner and outer spline without forcing the cap onto the turret. Use a quarter to reinstall the turret cap screw.

Install Your Battery

Unscrew the battery cap on the left side of your LPVO optic, lefty-loosey. Place a new CR 2032 button cell battery into the battery compartment with the flat, positive side facing outward, and then screw the battery cap back on righty-tighty. Open your scope caps and look through your scope as you turn on your reticle, cycling through the 11 brightness settings to check their function.

Secure Your Throw Lever

Back out your throw lever and apply a small amount of blue threadlocker. Reinstall the throw lever finger-tight. You now have a scope mounted successfully on your firearm.

If you’re looking for a visual installation guide, check out this video from our lead engineer, Mike.

Zero Your Scope

Mike from Gideon optics zeroing a red dot sight

Now that your LPVO optic is mounted, it’s time to head to the range. We’ve talked before about how to zero a red dot, and the same holds true for your Guardian, albeit at longer distances. Luckily, the same math formula of impact variance in inches divided by the result of distance in yards divided by 100 still works to calculate MOA adjustments. Both windage and elevation are adjustable at ½ MOA per click.

Get Your Guardian

The Guardian is a precision optic that offers bright illumination on an etched glass reticle and adjustable magnification that helps you reach out to tap your target. Sign up for our email newsletter to get deals delivered to your inbox. Get the optic you need for better shooting. Order your Guardian LPVO from Gideon Optics today.

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