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The Red Dot Spot

When it comes to precision optics for your firearms, you may have a lot of choices, but Gideon Optics is the only manufacturer that leads the way in engineering while offering affordable prices and the quality you expect from an American company. We pride ourselves on delivering sights and scopes that help you shoot tight MOAs at the range and that you can also count on when every shot counts out in the real world. We don’t just make sights, though. We want to share our knowledge with you, based on decades of experience engineering, manufacturing, and selling firearms parts, supplies, and accessories.

Recent Posts

Gideon Optics employee testing the Mediator red dot sight
Why Use-Case Matters: Buying the Best Red Dot Sight for You
When you want improved accuracy and aiming from a reflex optic, you need the best red dot sight for your...
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A variety of Gideon Optics red dot sights lined up beside each other on a wooden table
The Differences Between Expensive vs Cheap Red Dots
Learn what makes a good red dot sight and if there’s a difference between buying a cheap and an expensive...
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Gideon Optics Judge reflex sight mounted on a Canik pistol
How to Install the Gideon Optics Judge Reflex Sight
Find out how to install a reflex sight on an RMSC pattern slide, like the popular Glock Slimline pistol...
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Person at a shooting range aiming a pistol with a red dot sight attached
How to Use a Red Dot Sight
Once you know how to use a red dot sight, you’ll be ready to improve accuracy and precision while finding...
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Gideon Optics Advocate and Guardian mounted to firearms
New Year, New Products - 2024 Product Releases
We’re starting 2024 with a bang thanks to our new reflex sight mount and a pair of brand-new optics for...
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Gideon Optics Judge Reflex Sight mounted on a Canik
Comparing Reflex Sights vs Holographic Sights
Learn the similarities and differences between reflex vs. holographic sights and how to choose the right...
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Gideon Optics Rock red dot sight mounted on a pistol
How to Install the Gideon Optics Rock
Don’t let your red dot sight mount intimidate you. Our video will walk you through how to install the...
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Gideon Optics Mediator placed on a wooden shelf
How to Install the Gideon Optics Mediator
Don’t be afraid to mount optics on your weapons. Learn how to install the Gideon Optics Mediator securely...
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gideon optics red dot sight mounted on a handgun
How Do I Know If My Gun is Optics Ready?
Optics-ready pistols make adding precision gun optics easy and pain-free. Learn what optics-ready is,...
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side by side comparison view of an iron sight and a pistol mounted optic
Transitioning from Iron Sights to Pistol-Mounted Optics
Modern pistol optics can help you aim and shoot better on the range and in real-world defense scenarios....
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Intel You Can Use

From the basic information you need to choose the right precision optics for your firearms to tips and tricks from gun experts, our blogs will help you take your shooting to the next level. We’re proud to make some of the most innovative sights and scopes on the market, but in the end, they are just tools. You have to know when and how to use them. With the right guidance, we’ll get you dialed in for real accuracy round after round.

Shoot Better

When you’re serious about shooting, you need precision optics that blend innovation, quality, and affordability. We deliver like no other, with the features you need backed by decades of cumulative firearms industry experience. From rifle optics that help you take larger game to handgun sights that give you fast target acquisition in dynamic tactical situations, our optics are made for the real world. Order the sights and scopes you need and shoot better with Gideon Optics today.