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Innovative Firearms Optics – Traditional Practicality

We deliver firearms optics that change the way you enjoy your gun. From rifle optics built for precision shooting to pistol optics that let you take control of dynamic tactical situations, we engineer sights and scopes packed with bleeding-edge features and build them with a craftsmen’s attention to detail, then price them fairly for gun owners that require the best on the range, on duty, or in their hand. 

Why Gideon Hits The Mark


Shooting technology evolves, and we make it happen. Our engineers push the design envelopes to create more precise pistol and rifle optics for our customers.


Innovation without application is useless. We work hard to make the latest rifle and pistol optics technology work for you.


You need consistent results that give you a tight grouping every time. Our precision optics are built to stand up to field conditions and stay dialed in for the shots that matter the most.


With over a decade working with every aspect of the firearms industry–from design and production to field testing and sales–we know how to translate firearms optics innovations into real-world results.

Shop Precision Firearms Optics

Browse our selection of affordable firearms optics with flexible mounting options that will give you the precision and accuracy you need.

The Gideon Difference

Passionate About Progress

Gideon Optics is what happens when you take some of the leading minds in firearms parts, accessories, and optics, get them together in one place, and throw out the rulebook. We’re not interested in how things were done. We’re setting the bar for how they’re going to be from now on.

Quality Over Quantity

We don’t waste time inflating our product line by reinventing the wheel. We create precision firearms optics that are suitable for real-world situations faced by our customers every day. Each one has been engineered for success, built for real life, and performance tested in the hands of experts who demand excellence, accuracy, and reliability.


Our sights look good, but they’re built for action. With an intuitive design, quality materials, and a price that makes it easy for gun owners to upgrade their weapons, our firearms optics are meant to be used.

The Gideon Optics Blog

The Gideon of the Bible is known as a warrior and leader, but he was also a righteous man who contributed to his community–an example we strive to follow. Our blog brings you the latest shooting news, tips for improved accuracy with your rifle and pistol optics, and the information you need to educate yourself about firearms optics and how to use them efficiently. 

A variety of Gideon Optics red dot sights lined up beside each other on a wooden table

The Differences Between Expensive vs Cheap Red Dots

Learn what makes a good red dot sight and if there’s a difference between buying a cheap and an expensive model for your guns. The best red dot sight for your money may not have the highest price tag, but it still has to work well for your shooting needs.

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Gideon Optics Judge reflex sight mounted on a Canik pistol

How to Install the Gideon Optics Judge Reflex Sight

Find out how to install a reflex sight on an RMSC pattern slide, like the popular Glock Slimline pistol models. We walk you through installing your Judge sight using the low-profile Picatinny rail or mounting it directly to a compatible RMSC or Holosun K patterned slide.

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Person at a shooting range aiming a pistol with a red dot sight attached

How to Use a Red Dot Sight

Once you know how to use a red dot sight, you’ll be ready to improve accuracy and precision while finding your sight picture faster than ever. Get the high-performance reflex sights your gun needs from Gideon Optics today.

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Gideon Optics Advocate and Guardian mounted to firearms

New Year, New Products – 2024 Product Releases

We’re starting 2024 with a bang thanks to our new reflex sight mount and a pair of brand-new optics for your firearms. Learn about the Guardian LPVO and the Advocate Prism scope for better short-to-intermediate range shooting. Order your performance optics from Gideon Optics today.

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Gideon Optics Judge Reflex Sight mounted on a Canik

Comparing Reflex Sights vs Holographic Sights

Learn the similarities and differences between reflex vs. holographic sights and how to choose the right one for your gun. When you need a high-performance optic at a fair price, we’ve got you covered. Order your precision optics from Gideon Optics today.

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Innovative, Affordable Optics

Get the performance you need, the features you want, and prices that leave you more money for ammunition. Order your precision sights and scopes from Gideon Optics today.