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Why Use-Case Matters: Buying the Best Red Dot Sight for You

Gideon Optics employee testing the Mediator red dot sight

When you want improved accuracy and aiming from a reflex optic, you need the best red dot sight for your individual shooting needs. How effective red dot sight use is for you depends in large part on how your optic’s benefits and limitations affect your shooting. With the right optic, you’ll find targets quicker, improve […]

New Year, New Products – 2024 Product Releases

Gideon Optics Advocate and Guardian mounted to firearms

We’re starting 2024 with a bang thanks to our new reflex sight mount and a pair of brand-new optics for your firearms. Learn about the Guardian LPVO and the Advocate Prism scope for better short-to-intermediate range shooting. Order your performance optics from Gideon Optics today.

Transitioning from Iron Sights to Pistol-Mounted Optics

side by side comparison view of an iron sight and a pistol mounted optic

Modern pistol optics can help you aim and shoot better on the range and in real-world defense scenarios. Learn more about transitioning to optics vs. iron sights and how to make it a painless process. Order your modern red dot sights and accessories from Gideon Optics today.

Top 9 Pistol Customizations for Accuracy

Various pistols sitting on a shelf with Gideon Optics reflex sights placed on top of them

Adding the right pistol upgrades to your weapon can give you a better shooting experience. Learn about the top pistol accessories and mods and how they can help you tailor your shooting experience. Improve your precision and accuracy with a red dot sight from Gideon Optics today.