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Gideon Optics Advocate and Guardian mounted to firearms

New Year, New Products – 2024 Product Releases

It’s a new year, which means our engineering department has been hard at work going beyond top-tier reflex sights to bring you new high-performance optics that help improve your accuracy and precision. These include both our first foray into prism scopes and an LPVO scope that can go toe-to-toe with any brand on the market. We’re also adding more adapters and mounting options to give more shooters access to fully-featured reflex sights that won’t break the bank. Make better shooting your New Year’s Resolution with help from Gideon Optics.

Evolving Your Shooting

Before we start working on new reflex sights, precision optics, or accessories, we take the time to listen to the gun owners who are already proud members of the Gideon Optics family. From experienced firearms “influencers” to training professionals and everyday Second Amendment advocates, we pay attention to your experience with our current products and what you need to meet real-world challenges. This gives our engineers the opportunity to develop new products that make a bigger impact in the way our customers carry and shoot at the range, on duty, and while keeping their loved ones protected.

New Optics to Start 2024 Off Right

To start the year off right, we’re adding two more optics to our lineup, but they’re not new reflex sights. We’d like to introduce you to the Guardian LPVO and the Advocate 1X Prism scope. These two new sights will be welcomed by shooters who are looking for fully-featured optics for carbines and rifles that won’t break the bank.

Guardian LPVO

The Guardian 1-10X28mm LPVO (Low Powered Variable Optic) gives you speedy target acquisition at close range with the adjustable magnification needed for mid-range shooting accuracy. At 1X magnification, the 23° field of view gives you a 122’ field of view at 100 yards that tightens down to just 2.3° or 12’ under 10X magnification to bring the target closer to you. Since the reticle doesn’t scale as you zoom, you have more accurate and reliable shot placement. 

Like our reflex optics, the Guardian features adjustable brightness, but the reticle is also etched into the glass on the second focal plane for better aiming with or without power. Both windage and elevation are also adjustable at ≥ 140 MOA in ½ MOA increments using exposed turrets that push to lock. The waterproof and shockproof design features a 1913 Picatinny rail mount for compatibility across various weapons platforms, giving you a real-world ready short-to-mid-range scope.

Advocate 1X Prism Scope

The Advocate is a 1X Prism scope that’s perfect for short-to-intermediate range shooting with your shotgun, pistol caliber carbine, or ranch/home-defense rifle. This unmagnified scope offers you a lot of the same benefits as a red dot but comes with the added benefit of an illuminated glass-etched reticle that moves the appearance of the focal plane out past the firearm itself. Not only does this allow you to aim by “painting” the reticle over your in-focus target, but it also helps reduce the effects astigmatism can have on accuracy. This is a great choice when balancing precision with target acquisition speed and field of view.

The Advocate motion-activated LED emitter has ten adjustable brightness settings–eight for daytime and two night-vision compatible levels–and works well in conjunction with magnification scopes. Both windage and elevation are adjustable to 90 MOA at 1 MOA per click, and the 1913 Picatinny rail gives you plenty of flexibility in weapon choice. Made from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and engineered to be fogproof, waterproof, and shock-resistant, the Advocate is ready to stand up to the most rugged conditions you can find.

Mount Up!

Along with some exciting optics additions, we’re bringing out a new reflex sight mount and adapter that lets you mount the optic you love on a wider variety of firearms. We’re also supporting the release of the Guardian LPVO with a mount engineered for a perfect fit that keeps you zeroed in and ready for action.

Low Picatinny Rail Mount for ACRO Footprint

The Mediator closed-emitter red dot sight is one of our most popular reflex optics. Built with an ACRO-compatible footprint, it’s tough, accurate, and reliable, making it popular with tactical competitors and professionals who carry it in the line of duty. In late 2023, we released our MOS Adapter Mounting Plate for ACRO footprint optics, but we still had more in-store for Mediator owners.

The Low Picatinny Rail Mount for ACRO Footprint brings the Mediator’s speed and accuracy to one of the most ubiquitous mounting options in firearms today, the 1913 Picatinny Rail. The low-profile design keeps your emitter tight to the weapon and close to the bore axis. This makes it an extremely popular optics choice for tactical competitions using rifles, shotguns, or carbines, as well as on home defense and ranch guns. 

Guardian LPVO Mount

To support our advanced Guardian LPVO scope, we’ve engineered a mount that helps you make the most of your optic. Our LPVO mount has a solid 2.68” mounting surface length that creates a stable base, while a 2.20” forward extension and 1.6” centerline scope height let you find the most comfortable position for your optic. The 2.28” ring gap perfectly fits your Guardian, and the whole mount is made from rugged 6061-T6 aluminum, just like your scope. You’ll have full access to your optic’s turrets and buttons without worrying about “universal” scope rings letting your sight shift from its zeroed-in position.

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