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Why Use-Case Matters: Buying the Best Red Dot Sight for You

Gideon Optics employee testing the Mediator red dot sight

When you want improved accuracy and aiming from a reflex optic, you need the best red dot sight for your individual shooting needs. How effective red dot sight use is for you depends in large part on how your optic’s benefits and limitations affect your shooting. With the right optic, you’ll find targets quicker, improve […]

The Differences Between Expensive vs Cheap Red Dots

A variety of Gideon Optics red dot sights lined up beside each other on a wooden table

Learn what makes a good red dot sight and if there’s a difference between buying a cheap and an expensive model for your guns. The best red dot sight for your money may not have the highest price tag, but it still has to work well for your shooting needs.

How Do I Know If My Gun is Optics Ready?

gideon optics red dot sight mounted on a handgun

Optics-ready pistols make adding precision gun optics easy and pain-free. Learn what optics-ready is, how to recognize it, and how easy it is to install your optics at home. We even cover what to do if your gun isn’t optics-ready. Order your precision gun optics online from Gideon Optics today.

6 Pistol Shooting Tips to Improve Your Accuracy

Man firing a gun with a red dot sight attached at an outdoor shooting range

Improving pistol accuracy takes time, effort, and the right optics. Learn how to get the most out of the best red dot sights for your money and shoot better at the range. Order your high-performance sights from Gideon Optics today.

Red Dot vs. Green Dot: Difference and Use Cases

Gideon Optics red dot sight mounted on a handgun

Choosing a red dot vs. green dot sight is an important consideration when buying the best reflex sights for your firearms. Each has benefits and drawbacks that can affect your shooting. Get full-featured reflex sights for fair prices from Gideon Optics today.

Understanding Optics Terminology

Four different styles of firearm optics placed next to each other on a wooden surface

Understanding some basic optics terminology will help you find the right firearms accessories for your weapons. Learn the ins and outs of precision optics from the industry innovators at Gideon optics and order the scopes and sights you need to shoot better today.