Slimline Glock Optics Screw Jam – How to Fix It

Slimline Glock with an optic mounted showing a screw jam

Slimline Glocks are popular pistol variants among gun owners, but some shooters are running into feed issues after installing a new optic. Learn how to identify screw jams, modify your Glock MOS screws, and get your gun working without sacrificing accuracy. Order your precision red dot sights from Gideon Optics today.

How to Clean & Maintain Precision Optics

Gideon Optics Alpha red dot reflex sight mounted on a handgun

Knowing how to clean precision optics is key to protecting them and ensuring their longevity. We cover the top tips for caring for your optics and the cleaning best practices you need to know. Order your quality optics from Gideon Optics today.

How to Choose the Right Optics Magnification

Rifle scope mounted on an AR22 Rifle

Optics magnification can help you put out tighter groups on longer-range targets. Learn how to choose the right scope magnification for your gun to give you better results at the range and in the field. Order your precision optics from Gideon Optics today.

Types of Optics and How To Use Them Effectively

Man shooting a firearm at a shooting range

Understanding the types of gun optics available, their strengths, and their weaknesses are important to make sure you choose the right tactical optics for your weapons. We’ll compare various tactical optics to help you make an informed decision for your personal firearm.