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Save money and shoot better with affordable optics that help you deliver tight groups down the range round after round. As firearms evolve, quality optics need to keep pace. Driven by the needs real gun owners face at the range, in the field, and on the front lines as first responders at home and American Heroes around the world, our innovative sights and scopes are built to perform under pressure when it matters most. Customize your shooting experience and improve your accuracy with precision firearms accessories from Gideon Optics.

Uncompromising Accuracy

Affordable optics don’t have to suck. With the advancements made in metallurgy, shooting technology, and manufacturing processes, quality optics can come with a price tag that doesn’t break the bank. Our engineers put all of them to use, creating practical sights and scopes that can take your weapon to its limits. 

  • Designed For Today’s Shooters – From the AR-15 to the Glock invasion, firearms have never been this fun. With improved accuracy, stronger cartridges, and an ever-evolving range of models, designs, and upgrades, you need flexible sights that deliver reliable precision. We have you covered with designs that help you do more with the most advanced firearms ever created.
  • Built For The Field – From hunting case drops to the bumps and bangs of dynamic tactical situations, your optics will take a beating. We planned for that. Our innovative designs stay dialed in, delivering tight MOAs when every shot counts.
  • Backed By Experience – With decades of experience in firearms design, production, and sales, we can tell you the best sights in the world won’t help you if your gun doesn’t have them when you need them. Making quality, affordable optics helps us ensure you have a tool in hand you can count on, so we work hard to keep prices down without compromising on performance or reliability.

Make Sure Your Gun Is Ready For Precision

You’re tired of optics where the only high-performance part is the price, and so are we. Shoot better, save money, and customize your gun with performance optics that help you get the most out of your weapon. Order your precision sights and scopes from Gideon Optics today.